Since 1983, Energy Michigan, Inc. has been devoted to the protection and promotion of alternative and independent power supply, co-generation, advanced energy industries and their customers in these industries in Michigan. As determined by its Board and Contributing Members, Energy Michigan intervenes in Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) cases affecting alternative and independent power supply, co-generation, retail competition, advanced energy industries and their customers.

“It is no exaggeration to say that Energy Michigan laid the groundwork for the introduction of solar and wind projects into the Michigan power market. Without Energy Michigan, the utilities would have frustrated or totally stopped this option.”

-Eric J. Schneidewind, Environmental Energy & Natural Resources, Varnum Law LLP

Energy Michigan has actively participated in many MPSC cases affecting these industries, which include:

  • Detroit Energy Company (DTE) and Consumers Energy cases on allocation and standby rates
  • Cases to develop retail wheeling and fair competitive bidding programs
  • Actively opposed a variety of anti-competitive and “anti-co-generation” rates and programs that would unfairly minimize the opportunities for attractively price power from alternative and independent power suppliers
  • Co-generation and advanced energy technologies
  • Retail competition- implementation of tariff rules for Alternative Electric Suppliers and Electric Choice customers.